Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Christopher and I set out for a pumpkin adventure this morning. We researched local farms and found a great one about 15 miles from our home called Fruitville Grove. It is owned by an Amish family.

The farm had just opened upon our arrival. People were setting up craft tents, face painting, pony rides, games and more. We explored the grounds and then came upon the great pumpkins. We searched through the tent hoping to find a big, round pumpkin. We noticed there were no prices for the large ones, so we asked someone to price it for us. They took this pumpkin and placed it on a scale. They charge 50 cents per pound. This pumpkin was $16! What?! Talk about a great pumpkin, a great big price for a pumpkin. We kindly declined the offer and bought some fresh produce and homemade peanut butter at their market. We also had homemade pumpkin ice cream; it was so delicious and refreshing! I want to explore the internet and see if I can make it at home. Although we did not buy the great pumpkin, we did enjoy our morning at the farm.

We continued our Sunday date by eating lunch at a new restaurant. It is called Pei Wei (pronounced "Pay Way") and is owned by P.F. Chang's. The restaurant offers rice bowls, noodle bowls, salads and all things Asian. It is delicious! I had Korean chicken with vegetables and brown rice. Christopher had chicken pad thai. We bought our two meals and were given complimentary lettuce wraps for $15. It was cheaper than the great pumpkin!

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