Monday, January 25, 2010

Now Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Carter!

It is official! We are now a happily married couple!

It has been quite some time since the last post. The past 5 weeks or so have been absolutely incredible! We were able to spend Christmas with our families, enjoy a great New Year's at a fantastic restaurant with Holly's parents and her aunt and uncle as well as prepare for our incredible wedding weekend together.

Throughout the month of December, Holly and her mom spent a portion of everyday working on wedding tasks including traveling to Duplin winery, making programs, creating jewelry and hairpieces and so much more. Christmas at the Miller household was exciting. Sandra and Barry were able to experience the organized chaos of 6 children opening Christmas gifts at one time. Plus, it was Kai's first Christmas, which was a great thing to celebrate. Christopher enjoyed time home in Kentucky, but soon returned to North Carolina for the New Year's eve festivities. We had so much to celebrate. We enjoyed dinner at On the Square, a great boutique restaurant in Tarboro, North Carolina. The fixed menu was phenomenal and the conversation and laughs were timeless! Then it was pre-wedding week. A scare of snow had us a bit concerned earlier in the week, but it blew over and the weather was cold, but perfect for the wedding weekend.

The wedding weekend began Wednesday evening as a portion of Christopher's family made their way to Rocky Mount in anticipation to miss the snow storm that was hitting the Appalachian Mountains. Thursday, Holly and her mom decorated cupcakes at church; they made over 300 for the weekend festivities. Thursday evening, we welcomed the wedding party with a pizza party. It was then an evening of boys versus girls as the guys went to Holly's brother, Russell's, house to play cards and pool, while the ladies enjoyed wine and a lingerie shower. On Friday, the ladies enjoyed the bridal luncheon at Birchwood, while the boys ate BBQ and went bowling. Dress rehearsal was a fun time. Seeing everyone have a great time and laughing made for a true testament as to the great friends we have. We then had dinner at The Nashville Exchange. Laughter was heard throughout the room all evening. We enjoyed our last evening as a single person by exchanging our wedding gifts; Christopher gave me a uniquely created diamond pendant necklace and I gave him silver monogrammed cuff links. Then, it came! Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! We could not have scripted our day to have gone more smoothly or be more memorable. Our dreams came true!

After traveling back from Rocky Mount to Bradenton, we set out for our honeymoon! What a great adventure it was. We spent 3 days in Napa and 3 days in San Francisco. We had such a great time that we are already looking forward to the one day that we may return to California. From wine tasting to eating great food, Napa was full of beautiful scenery. San Francisco offered so much of the fun touristy things we wanted to do. Like our wedding, we could not have asked for a better honeymoon getaway.

Now, we are back in Bradenton finding our routine once again. Christopher, again, is hitting the books hard. However, this is his LAST semester of classes! We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel that his professors so lovingly spoke of at his white coat ceremony 2 years ago. I have started back at work and am glad to be on a schedule again. Our home finally looks normal as the gifts have been put away (even though they are in the guest bedroom closet) and the Christmas tree is finally wrapped and put away too. We are enjoying married life. We love being in love.

(Pictures to come soon.)