Thursday, March 15, 2012

Off to a Good Year!

2012 has thus far been a year of busy weekends, time with family and friends and even a relaxing vacation!

In January, we spent a day at the Magic Kingdom with some friends. We enjoyed a day at the park and a delicious birthday dinner for one of Christopher's co-residents, Amy, at the Grand Floridian. We also hosted a fun Super Bowl Party complete with tons of food, burgers and hot dogs on the grill and even a TV outside to watch the game.
February was complete with a wine tasting event and dinner with friends, a week long visit from Christopher's mom, Gayle, a chili cook-off tasting in Downtown St. Pete and lots of basketball watching preparing for March Madness!

In preparation for March Madness, Christopher and I ventured to Gainesville to see Kentucky take on the Gators and add another 'W' to the record. We spent the weekend with our dear friend, John Thomas, and his new puppy, Duke. Duke and Derby had a great time playing, just as much fun as we had with John Thomas.
Christopher and I just returned from a fabulous 4-day cruise to the Western Caribbean. The trip was so relaxing and so fun; we are already looking into planning our next one. He and I both had not been on cruises since our high school graduation trips, almost 10 years ago. Wow! Nonetheless, it was a great time filled with lots of sunshine, great food and drinks and sightseeing in Cozumel.
Now that Spring has sprung in Florida, we are looking forward to some beach time, planting a garden, continuing to be on the job hunt for Christopher, enjoying a beach wedding for Matt and Marie in April, traveling to West Palm Beach for a family vacation with Gayle, Gary and Brandon, cheering on the Tar Heels and Wildcats in the NCAA tournament and so much more.

PS - If UNC and UK make it to the Final Four, we plan to go to NOLA for the championship weekend. Monetary donations would be greatly appreciated for this venture! :)