Wednesday, December 9, 2009

25 Memories from the 25th Birthday Celebration

After a WONDERFUL 25th birthday celebration, I thought I would do something a little different and post 25 memories to recap the happy day!

1. Getting a wake-up phone call at 8:00am from Mom & Gracie. They sang "Happy Birthday" to me!
2. Christopher making me breakfast-in-bed...eggs, turkey sausage & apple juice.
3. Getting Dunkin' Donuts peppermint latte before hitting the road to Disney's Hollywood Studios.
4. Listening to Christmas music in the car & holding Christopher's hand the entire way to Orlando.
5. Getting in FREE to Hollywood Studios. Happy Birthday to me!
6. Receiving fast passes to Toy Story Mania. Later we found out that all the fast passes had been distributed by 12:00pm. Thank you to the stranger who gave us those fast passes; otherwise, we would not have been able to ride the new ride.
7. Riding Aerosmith's Rock-n-Roller Coaster.
8. Riding Toy Story Mania. It is one of my newest, favorite rides at Disney World.
9. Receiving text messages & voice mails throughout the entire day.
10. Eating free chocolate mousse at lunch for dessert.
11. Dancing in the middle of the street during the Block Party parade.
12. Being told "Happy Birthday" by complete strangers all day long.
13. Watching all the great and entertaining shows.
14. Seeing the true meaning of Christmas, a beautiful nativity, in the heart of Hollywood Studios.
15. Riding The Tower of Terror in the front row.
16. Eating free carrot cake at dinner for dessert.
17. Picking out a special ornament to commemorate my wonderful birthday.
18. Watching the opening ceremony of the Osbourne's Light Spectacular show.
19. Looking up at the night sky and seeing snow. Yes, it was fake!
20. Standing in the middle of 35 miles of Christmas lights.
21. Christopher twirling me and holding my hand while walking through the park.
22. Watching Fantasmic.
23. Kennedy reminding me that our wedding is only 1 month away.
24. Ending the evening with a wonderful rendition of "Happy Birthday" from Halie & Gracie.
25. Seeing all the Facebook messages when we got home.

Needless to say, the day was wonderful, beautiful, memorable, exciting, fun and so much more! Enjoy the photos and videos below of the magical day!

The Birthday Girl

Watching "Beauty and the Beast"

The Coolest Ride Ever

"Hi. My name is Mater."

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Absolutely Incredible

Merry Christmas from the Soon-to-be Carters

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