Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Sweet Nanny June

As mentioned in my previous post, we lost our sweet Nanny June on July 6.  She lived a beautiful life of 87 years filled with nothing but pure love and admiration for her children, grandchildren and great-children.  She was a wonderful woman who I miss so dearly everyday.

Nanny lived and breathed for her family.  She loved to attend church plays, piano recitals, end of school year functions and so much more.  But, what was most special to me is that Nanny attended every single dance recital of mine, with the exception of one, and she was always one of the first people to kiss, hug and congratulate me afterwards.  She was a proud Nanny of all of her family!

Nanny loved Christmas.  Every year, Nanny handpicked a Hallmark ornament for each great-grandchild and each unmarried grandchild.  She spent hours looking through the Hallmark magazine and in the store until she found just the right one!  She loved nothing more than the family Christmas party and passing out each ornament to each child.  I, too, love my Hallmark ornaments and will cherish them for my entire life!

Nanny loved to spoil you.  She knew what your favorite candy was, what your favorite ice-cream flavor was and even what your favorite TV show was.  She was always ready for company and always had your favorite thing in the kitchen!


Nanny loved the beach.  She could lay in the sun for hours soaking up all the sunshine rays.  She loved to feed the seagulls, pick sea shells and build drip sandcastles. 

I will miss my sweet Nanny June forever.  But, I will cherish our sweet memories forever and ever.  From sleepovers and late nights of playing UNO, to having her visit my home in Florida, to her falling in love with my dog Derby, to the best back scratches in the entire world, to her contagious smile and beautiful blue eyes, I will cherish these memories forever and ever. 

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