Monday, January 9, 2012

Traveling Near and Far

This post was to be published a few weeks ago, but I forgot to hit 'publish post.' Although a few weeks late, here is an upate! No pictures at this time as my computer is acting funny.

Where has the time gone? It is now 2012, and more importantly the day of our second wedding anniversary, and life is good for Christopher and me. I cannot be happier with our lives as we have been so fortunate to travel, see lots of family and friends recently and just have some good ol' fashion fun!

As mentioned in my previous post, the end of 2011 was very busy for us!

In October, we traveled to Bowling Green, Kentucky to celebrate the marriage of Amy and Nick. Amy was in my wedding, and Chris lived with Nick for a month while on pharmacy school rotations; so, we felt very blessed to be able to witness such a joyous weekend of two great friends! It was a great celebration and a fun weekend getaway.

We also spent a weekend at the Disney Food and Wine Festival. This year we traveled around the world with our friends, Jackie and Alan. We ate way too much food, had delicious drinks and enjoyed the warm, sunny weather at Epcot.

November, let's just say, was very memorable! We spent Thanksgiving weekend with my family in New York City. There was nothing like experiencing the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the hustle and bustle of the city at Christmas time and just being with my family in a different city. Our nieces and nephews were in awe of the parade and the city and were so perfect and well-behaved. We accomplished many things on the to-do list, as the Millers know how to pack in a quick weekend. On top of the parade, we also saw Santa at Macy's, went to Chinatown, rode the subway, saw a Musical, were live on TV at the Today Show, ate a Magnolia's cupcake and so much more. We would definitely recommend New York City at Thanksgiving to anyone; it should definitely be on your bucket list!

There is one word to describe December, busy! We had something on the calendar every weekend for the month and enjoyed every minute and memory created during those weekends.

Firstly, we traveled to New Orleans for a pharmacy conference and fell in love with this crazy, lively, fun city. It is great for a weekend getaway. Like all of our jet-setting adventures, we saw many sites, ate great food and just had fun.

Then, came my birthday weekend and I couldn't have been happier to not only celebrate it with Christopher, but my mom and grandmother came to visit. We did some shopping and ate sushi, of course! We also ventured to Tampa to see A Christmas Story: The Musical. It was just like the movie, pink bunny suit, bb gun, triple dog dare you, leg lamp and more. I am so glad I got to spend some special time with two of my favorite women!

Next, was a weekend of Tacky Christmas parties! Christopher and I went all out by creating our own sweatshirts. Imagine, your favorite elementary school teacher...glitter, sequins, bedazzled jewels and more! We decided these are going to be our go-to party outfits every Christmas, and we will add something new each year, only to make it more tacky and beautiful!

Then, it was Christmas weekend! What better way to spend the weekend than with both of our families. Although the majority of our time was spent on the road traveling to Kentucky and North Carolina, I don't think we would trade it for anything. We had a great time seeing our families, spending time with each other on the road and just celebrating the real meaning of Christmas.

To bring in the New Year, we spent it with Christopher's co-workers. Amanda, a co-worker and a great friend, celebrated her birthday on New Year's Eve. It was a great, Mardi Gras themed birthday bash on the beach at Treasure Island.

Now that 2012 is here, we are looking forward to seeing what God provides and where He takes us. Christopher's residency program ends in June, which means we are on the job hunt. We are open to any opportunity (within reason and Christopher's liking toward his career goals), but our first choice is to move Western North Carolina (Charlotte or Winston Salem areas). However, we are okay with staying in the St. Pete/Tampa area for just a little bit longer. All situations in the past similar to this have worked out for the best, so we will just wait and see what God's plans are.

We hope 2012 is off to a great start for you and that life is good as well!

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