Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Long Overdue!

Well, so much for keeping my new year's resolution. I guess that is the way most of them work out anyway...good intentions, but not enough time. So, to recap the past 4 months, I believe bullet points are sufficient (Right, Kimmy?!)...


Christopher spent his January pharmacy rotation at Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg.

We hosted a Super Bowl party complete with hotdogs, hamburgers and all the "fixins."

Christopher applied to 7 residency programs and received 4 interview offers...1 in Kentucky, 1 in North Carolina and 2 in Florida.

Christopher spent his 2 final rotations in Kentucky. He was able to enjoy quality time with family and friends, eat gingerbread men and drink great coffee from the Hub.

I had the joy of experiencing my first call to jury duty. After spending 8 hours in the courthouse lobby waiting to be called for questioning, I was not asked. Thank goodness for iPhones and new apps!

My mom came to visit me for a week while Christopher was away. We thoroughly enjoyed our time together exploring Venice, the Ringling Museum, eating great food, doing lots of shopping and getting facials. It was a lot of great mother-daughter time with lots of laughter and fun.

Christopher matched at Bay Pines Veteran Affairs Hospital in St. Petersburg.

I spent a long weekend in Kentucky with Christopher. We toured bourbon distilleries with our good friends, Amy & Nick. We also ate at the infamous Wallace Station and watched the disappointing Final Four basketball game in downtown Lexington.

Gayle, Christopher's mom, came to visit me for a weekend. We, too, had a great time shopping and eating great food.

Before Christopher's return to Bradenton, he spent some time in Atlanta. He visited with his distant cousin, Cheryl, and her family, as well as our friends Brady & Sean. I think it was a great taste to the city life we are about to endure!

Once Christopher returned home, we set out to find our "new" home in St. Petersburg. We spent numerous hours on the Internet and the phone as well as traveling to the area several nights per week in search of a home. Finally, after 3 weeks of searching, we found a home that will be perfect for us. We will be moving to an area called Old Northeast, which is part of the historic district of St. Petersburg. Imagine brick streets, oak trees covered with moss and picket fences; that's the neighborhood we will be living in. We are excited we will be able to walk to the beach, shops, restaurants, bars and church.

We have ventured to the beach a few time to enjoy the Florida sunshine.

Earlier in the year, we purchased a 4-day Disney pass. On May 1, we visited Animal Kingdom. The weather was perfect for the rides, the food and seeing the exotic animals.

This past Saturday, we went to Disney's Hollywood Studios and spent the evening with Gary & Brandon playing games and drinking wine. We always have a good time with them.

We just returned this evening from a weekend getaway to St. Augustine. I surprised Christopher by taking him there for his graduation gift. We had an incredible time in the old city touring by bicycles, sightseeing, eating TOO much food and staying at an adorable B&B. We definitely plan to return as we said it is one of new favorite cities. We also have decided we will be purchasing bicycles when we move to St. Petersburg. It is the way to travel the town!


So, now that you are all caught up, I will let you in on what is in the future in case I frequent this website later as opposed to sooner...

Christopher is graduating from pharmacy school Sunday, June 5.

We are moving to St. Petersburg July 1.

Christopher begins his residency July 5.

I have been offered and have been accepted the position as Retreat Director at a new Massage Heights in Brandon, Florida. I am very honored and happy about this position. The Retreat will open later this fall.

Until next time, we hope everyone is doing well, loving life and having fun! We certainly are!

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