Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's A...


We are proud owners of a brand new AKC miniature schnauzer! Here is the little story about how our new baby came to be a part of our family.

This past Monday Christopher spoke with our landlord in regards to staying at our condo for another year. He gladly said yes to our request. Christopher asked if we could get a puppy as it was not in our contract from the previous year. He also said yes to that only if we would send him a picture once we brought her home. With that in our heads, we knew we were on a mission. And, as my mom said when we told her we were looking for a puppy, "When you two are on a mission, you succeed quickly."

Originally, we set out to find a puppy from a rescue center or the humane society. We looked online and on Craig's List. We found a few puppies that we were interested in, but nothing that we seriously fell in love with.

Friday afternoon after work and school, we began the search for our puppy. We visited adoption centers and the human societies , but all the dogs were either too big for condo living or too old for us to truly enjoy. We also visited a pet store and fell in love with the puppies, all of them. Of course, they were too far out of our price range. We went home Friday night without a puppy, but had a clearer mind of what exactly we wanted, a schnauzer.

While I was at work Saturday morning, Christopher continued the search. He found that the sister pet store had a miniature schnauzer on sale. He told them we were very interested and would be in later that afternoon to meet her. We arrived to the store and saw her in the window and thought she was adorable. We also played with a yorkie poo and thought she was adorable too. Although they both were very cute, playful and sweet, we knew the schnauzer was for us. It was not much longer that she was in my lap driving home to our house!

We brought her home and she immediately began sniffing her surroundings and becoming acquainted with her new home. We then gave her some food and water and put her in our bathroom while we went to Target and Walmart to get some puppy supplies. We bought her toys, food and water bowls, a crate, puppy treats, a collar and a leash. The majority of everything was pink; I am not sure how much Christopher enjoys the fact that everything is pink. Oh well, she is a girl.

When we came home we began the quest for her name. We had a few in mind, but wanted to spend some time with her before we named her. She loves to fetch her toys and play tug of war. At first, she was not crazy about going outside or climbing up and down the stairs, but by the last time we took her out Saturday night, she was going up the stairs. Saturday night, she spent most of the late evening sleeping on me on the sofa. We placed her in her crate, "her home," for the night and only heard a small whimper from her for about 10-15 seconds. She did so great.

This morning we woke up to see that she had not had any accidents in her crate. We also had a name for her when we woke up...Derby! We named her Derby because we brought her home on the day of the Kentucky Derby.

She has been great all day long. Derby has not had any accidents in the house today. She loves to chase Christopher around the house. She also watches TV throughout the day. If she in near the computer, she has discovered the mouse and tries to get that as well. She is a very quiet dog as she has only barked twice in the past two days.

Here is just a bit more information about Derby. She was born January 11, 2010, the day we left for our honeymoon. She is currently 8-9 pounds and is expected to only be 10-12 pounds. We are so excited to have Derby and cannot wait for everyone to meet her!Enjoy the pictures below!

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  1. so. cute.

    excited for you two and your new addition!